The Community Emergency Management Team was created to help integrate the whole community and nontraditional resources to ensure disaster preparedness. Secondly, they Engage voluntary organizations to help augment resources for public safety, preparedness and response capabilities. Lastly, CERT Prepares the public for local risks with targeted outreach. The purpose explained is reflected in the 3 priorities listed below.

Personal Preparedness



Basic Training Units

Unit 1 – Disaster Preparedness

Unit 2 – CERT Organization

Unit 3 – Disaster Medical Operation Part 1

Unit 4 – Disaster Medical Operation Part 2

Unit 5 – Disaster Psychology

Unit 6 – Fire Safety & Utility Controls

Unit 7 – Light Search & Rescue Operations

Unit 8 – CERT & Terrorism

Unit 9 – Course Review & Disaster Simulation

Capability Focus Areas

Emergency Management Support – Trained in Damage Assessment, EOC & ICS Support, Communications, Operations, Emergency Management Manpower

General Volunteer Augmentation – Can use skills to augment other emergency missions or to process mass volunteers to specific assignments

Missing Person Search / Rescue – Trained/Equipped for missing person location as teams, team leaders, or a search management

Lite Duty Traffic / Crowd Control – Light duty capable for special events & emergency scenes

Response Logistics – Provision of general response equipment like generators, tents, lighting, or responder food

Public Information – Distribution of Mass Public Information for special events, emergencies, or general missions

Special Event Support – Can Augment 1st Aid, Communications, Warning, Information, and General Safety

Citizen Corps Administration – Pens, Paper, Computer, etc. to manage CC duties in the field or on missions

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a CERT member feel free to contact the Osceola Emergency Management office.