Incident Management Team


An Incident Management Team helps provide support during incidents that exceed the capability of the local area. The types of incident these teams respond to include fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, ect.  The real strength with IMT is planning. They can spend a majority of their time preparing for hazards and disasters that could happen through the process of making incident action plans. This allows the county to be better prepared for the unexpected. It is critical that the people on these teams know the area very well which is why members of local, state, and territorial entities are best fit for this role.

Within Osceola County the Incident Management Team responded to the hazardous material spill back in 2005, in this case the IMT members allowed Emergency Management to have back up in some of the critical positions. This ensures safety is always a priority.  


  1. Deploy to manage emergency responses, incidents, or planned events requiring a higher capability or capacity level than the affected jurisdiction can provide.
  2. Assist with incident management activities during all-hazards events, including natural and human-caused events, as well as planned events
  3. Assume management of the incident or support a local Incident Commander (IC) in managing an incident or event
  4. Direct tactical resources that are had by the jurisdiction or provided from supporting organizations.
  5. Coordinate with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff regarding incident management objectives and support needs.
  6. Have short- and long-term configurations to be able to meet an incident’s needs based on results of a complexity analysis.