Mark Watkins – Emergency Management Director

Mark is the Emergency Management Director in Osceola County. He is a skilled professional emergency manager with over 22 years of experience, training, and recognized accomplishments in the field. Mark attended DeVry University and Ferris State University where he completed a B.S in Telecommunication Management, a B.S in Business Management, a B.S in Criminal Justice / Homeland Security, and a B.S in Office Automation Systems. In Osceola County Mark is responsible for developing and directing all emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery services and managed Homeland Security programs and other State/Federal programs. In addition, he coordinates multi-agency emergency service projects. Mark has a versatile background that includes leadership and operational experience in multiple public safety disciplines. He has a proven ability to coordinate with government, public, and private organizations to accomplish program goals.

Stacey Hayner – Emergency Management Coordinator

Stacey is the Emergency Management Coordinator for Osceola County. She graduated from Columbia Southern University with an Associates in Criminal Justice as well as a B.S in Homeland Security. Within the Emergency Management office Stacey is responsible for assisting in the overall management of the jurisdiction’s mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery to natural, technological, and man-made disasters. This includes running the emergency alert system and working with the Board of Commissioners to ensure constant communication and coordination within Osceola. Stacey works directly below the Director and assumes the role in his absence.

Bridget Bruneau – Homeland Security Planner / Specialist

Bridget is the Homeland Security Planner in Osceola County. Bridget graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B.A in Public and Nonprofit Administration and a B.A in International Relations. She is responsible for maintaining the counties interoperability capabilities as well as the Citizen Preparedness campaign also known as the CERT program. Additionally, Bridget coordinates efforts of law enforcement, public safety entities, and schools to ensure coordinated emergency preparedness plan developments, testing, and exercising of preparedness plans and plan implementation.

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